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Living with Heart Disease

Welcome to Living with Heart Disease, a Heart of a Giant production. Is it possible to live a longer quality of life after a heart disease diagnosis?

Listen to the patients, support systems, and care providers who have resolved to become healthier both physically and mentally. We share the challenges and the triumphs. Discover what it really means to survive and thrive with a heart condition.

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Amplifying Patient Voices through Unfiltered Conversations with Inspiring Voices.

Living with Heart Disease is recorded LIVE on Zoom bi-weekly. Bouba facilitates unfiltered conversations with inspiring voices from all around the world. Each episode lasts approximately 90 mins. Attendees can also participate and ask questions during the meeting. Besides, the values of positivity, inspiration, and good humor are emphasized!

Upcoming Conversation

with Des Allen


(Heart of a Giant) will be chatting with Desirée, his life partner. If you know anything about his journey, you’d know that he wouldn’t be here without her love, care, and strength. But what is the journey from her own standpoint? Join us and many of our friends and family this Sunday.


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What People Say

“Bouba, A quick note to say, Thanks! I am still on cloud nine, after hearing Mel's story on Saturday. What you are doing is helpful, wonderful, and exciting. See you soon...”
Anne B.
Heart Transplant Survivor
Hello Bouba - Thank you again for joining the XYZ meeting today and sharing your life. I was touched by your optimism and your quote about understanding the patient's POV.”
Jason, A
Sr. Manager, Medical Devices Company
“I’ve been enjoying your posts and blog and have been following your story. I wanted to let you know how much you inspire me and give me hope.”
Heart Patient Parent

Meet Your Host

Somaneh Bouba was an engineer and social entrepreneur from Mali and Senegal when he found himself having to stay in the U.S. with his wife and young son to receive life-saving heart treatment for a rare congenital heart defect. The next year, Bouba underwent open-heart surgery to implant an LVAD pump inside his heart to help his heart function while he waits for a heart transplant. Bouba and his wife, Désirée, now live in Boston, Massachusetts, and in 2018 they welcomed twin boys to their family.

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